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Have Leftover Scrap Wood? Here Are a Few Scrap Wood Projects

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Scrap wood projects you can try with leftover wood.

Wood is a highly versatile material. You can easily cut, carve, paint, or stain it to achieve the perfect design and texture for whatever project you have in mind. Unfortunately, working with wood often leaves you with bits and pieces of small scrap pieces, especially if you need to cut it to a specific size. When this happens, you might think of this lumber as useless and discard it immediately

Before doing this, think twice…

People are becoming more conscious about sustainability, and thus, adopting habits to maximize their resources and minimize waste. So, what better way to do this than through simple DIY projects using your pieces of scrap wood? Some of these projects can take you less than an hour of your day, so read on to find a project that suits you.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

This project is for you soda or beer lovers out there. A wall-mounted bottle opener will be the perfect addition to the patio for barbecues and pool parties, or even a great handmade gift for friends and family. All you need to do is take some scrap wood and nail some sturdy metal. You should get a beautiful rustic bottle opener that lasts a while.

Wooden Coaster

Resourcefulness can make anything go a long way, and this holds especially true for this project. If you often work with wood, you have probably had to snip off the ends of long planks, boards, or panels at one point. The remaining scraps may seem useless, but this DIY project proves otherwise. No matter what scraps you have lying around, you can easily shape them and polish them into a coaster for your daily cup of coffee.

Cutting Board or Serving Tray

Boards and trays are among the most common DIY scrap wood projects, since you can technically call any piece of wood a cutting board. A personalized board or tray is  an easy project and can be highly functional in the kitchen. The best part is that you can dictate how large or many containers your board can have, tailoring it to your needs.

Lap Desk

Here is another excellent idea of how you can turn a few pieces of scrap wood into something useful. If you enjoy working or eating while sitting on the couch or bed, you can create a lap desk by putting some legs on a long piece of plywood. A sturdy lap desk goes a long way toward allowing you to work comfortably no matter where you are at home.

Wooden Doormat

Creating a wooden doormat is one of the more unique scrap wood projects since you can technically make it from a whole piece of wood or put together many scrap parts. You need to be extra patient with gluing the pieces together for the latter. Though this may take some time, the effort will undoubtedly be worth it once you see the output—a one-of-a-kind doormat with different wood patterns and textures.


While it is undoubtedly easy to create a post by buying lumber and plunking it down, it never hurts to make one from scrap wood if you have some excess lying around. All you need to do is stick and stack the scrap wood together, and you should have a usable post.

Step Stool

Here is another one of those scrap wood projects that you might think twice about since you can easily buy a piece of log and use it as a stool. However, a step stool is about strength and durability. You want to choose your wood scraps to pick out the light but vital pieces. Remember your safety is at risk here, so practice due diligence when tackling this DIY project.

Tiered Plant Stand or Planter Box

A plant stand or planter box is an excellent project for people with a green thumb or anyone interested in trying out simple gardening. Tiered plant stands or planter boxes made with pallet wood or small scraps are beautiful and easy to make. However, you should be extra careful when building them since you want to ensure the soil does not fall out while watering your plants.

Coat Rack

Coat racks are one of the more challenging scrap wood projects on the list. While it may not be a beginner’s first choice, it can be a milestone in your DIY journey if you succeed in creating one. Generally, it is a lengthy process that requires polishing and more technical skills. However, you will undoubtedly be proud of the outcome once you finish making it.

Make the Most Out of High-Quality Lumber with Scrap Wood Projects

Buying high-quality lumber is key to creating solid and durable wood items. When working with quality wood, it only makes sense that you make the most out of it—including scrap pieces! So, if you have any leftover lumber or scrap plywood lying around at home, consider trying out any of the DIY scrap wood projects listed above.

Alternatively, if you need new lumber for an upcoming project, contact Peninsular Lumber today at 813-875-8805. As a one-stop shop for lumber in Tampa Bay, we have an extensive wood selection guaranteed to fit your needs.