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7 Uses for Unused Scrap Wood and Lumber

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Use your scrap wood for additional DIY projects!

There are many woodworking projects you can take on after you are done building a wood deck or custom door. Rather than disposing of your scrap wood and leftover lumber, gather up all these parts and use them for an additional project!

What may seem like leftover pieces of scrap can be used to make a small furniture or something ornamental.

Here are a few great ideas to help you get started.

Wall Art

A simple project you can take on is creating wall art. Aside from being easy to create, it could be a lot of fun and let you flex your creativity!

You can do this by putting together small pieces of scrap wood to create a mountain mosaic or a narrow shelf outlining the shape of a mountain. You could also try gluing together wood strips of different lengths to create an asymmetric pattern.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to wooden wall art.

Make a Cutting Board

Another easy project fit for DIYers of all levels is making a cutting board. It’s a great way to put excess maple, mahogany, or any other hardwood to good use.

To do this, glue several pieces of precut, jointed, and planed scrap wood strips to create a board. You could use strips of different colors if you want, or they could all be of the same color. The size of this board would also depend on your preference.

Once you have your chopping board, you can route close to the edges to create a border. You can then finish the project by sanding the board.

Build a Coat Rack

If you are looking for simple but useful scrap wood projects, why not try creating a coat rack? All you need to do is use a long and flat piece of scrap wood on which you can drive several hooks.

Make sure you smoothen all the rough edges first, so your coat and other pieces of clothing do not get snagged or scratched. Once you are done, you can hang it behind the door or a wall.

You can spruce up your coat rack is by using twigs instead of hooks. But make sure all the sharp and pointy edges have been removed first.

A Coffee Table

For DIYers with more advanced skills, a coffee table would be a great project. Gather several pieces of leftover wooden board then cut them to your preferred length. Glue these pieces together to make the tabletop. Next, put the table legs together.

Stain the pieces for a natural look, or you could also paint them with your favorite color. Give it enough time to dry before using it.

Serving Tray

A serving tray would be right up your alley if you do not have the time or energy to make a coffee table. It is an easy project very like the chopping board process. All you need to do is glue different pieces of scrap wood together to create a flat board then sand the surface. You can screw in wooden handles on either side if you wish.

Tool Organizer

Do you have trouble finding your tools when you need them? If so, a tools organizer should be your next scrap wood project.

It can be as simple as a long cutoff piece wood with holes drilled through it. You can mount it on a wall in your shed and hang your screwdrivers or chisels through the holes. Or, you could make a tool tote out of thin pieces of wood.

Plant Stands

Building a plant stand is another great way to use cutoff wood. Like wall art, it can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can go with the classic A-frame stand with two or three levels or a simple welcome sign from which you can hang a plant.

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