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5 Wood DIY Projects You Should Try in 2022!

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A few DIY projects you can try out right now!

With the new year comes new opportunities, so what better way to change things up than by trying out some wood DIY projects? Look around your house, and check if you have any bare spaces that need to be filled. Perhaps you could add some wood picture frames or coat racks? Regardless, there are many wood projects you can try out in your free time this year.

You need not worry if you lack specialized power tools or professional woodworking skills, listed below are easy to build and simple projects. In addition, the materials are found in most lumber yards, so if you are curious about your skills, you should give these a shot.

Why you should try these DIY Projects!

Wood is one of the most useful and abundant natural resources that exist. It can be used for many different things, ranging from paper to building materials to furniture and others. Given how versatile wood can be, it should be no surprise that many love working with lumber for different projects.

That said, wood DIY projects come with varying levels of difficulty. Some require specialized power tools to get quality results, so you should also assess your skill level before deciding what projects to take on.

The good news is that tons of DIY creations can be made with wood, from simple things like embossed signboards or candle holders to more complex things such as a wood deck or full-blown shed. As a plus, you get to choose from a wide range of wood types to match your design preferences, making these projects a great way to relieve stress and beautify your home.

Wood DIY Projects You Should Try Out

Not sure what DIY projects to try out this year? If so, here are five ideas to inspire you.

Storage or Planter Box

Storage boxes are always useful to have, especially if you love collecting or organizing things. Likewise, they are relatively simple to make. You will not need power tools in most cases, just a few nails and your woodworking skills. Then, depending on what you want to put in them, you can easily modify what woods you need to use.

If you have leftover pieces of wood from past projects, you can use these to make a small planter box for your succulents. Alternatively, if you need a sturdy box for important things, you should use treated hardwood for extra strength and durability.

Multipurpose Rack or Shelf

If you want to build your woodworking skills, consider making a multipurpose rack or shelf. What makes them so beneficial is that you can easily expand their usefulness by adding a few components later.

For example, a simple rack can hold up some picture frames or a few spice bottles. However, by adding a few hooks under them, you already have a new spot to hang your larger kitchen utensils.

Similarly, you can expand racks to hold specific items and weights depending on where you put them. For example, having a hardwood rack that has extra support near your front door can take on the role of a coat hanger and key holder. This way, you can save space and maximize the use of your rack.

Another potential project you can explore is creating a wine rack. While it requires some technical expertise, your hard work will certainly pay off. Make sure you tailor the rack to slope at the angles you want or make a sturdy rack that will guarantee your bottles will be stable.

Chair or Bench

You can never go wrong with chairs when it comes to wood projects. Chairs can come in varying complexities based on your preferred structure and design, so you can easily adjust your project based on your skill level. For example, beginners can start with a simple four-pronged stool to get the hang of woodworking.

Then, as you hone and improve your techniques, you can slowly challenge your wood DIY project skills. Upgrade your bench to have a new backrest or create edges that slope—the possibilities are endless!

Butcher or Cutting Board

A board is one of the easiest wood DIY projects you can build, but it is also not as simple as it sounds. Many assume that you need to take a slab of wood, but there are many details involved in making wooden boards. For example, your board should not just be sturdy and heavy but also splinter-resistant.

Many things make a good cutting board stand out from the rest, and they all stem from the right type of wood. Generally, you should look for woods that are not too harsh on your knives while still being easy to clean as a kitchen tool.

Serving Tray or Cheese Board

Once you have mastered making your wooden cutting boards, challenge your skill levels by taking on a cheeseboard. A cheeseboard may seem like a more complex cutting board, but many small details make them different. For example, some cheeseboards are made to have slotted dividers and built-in bowls to hold different types of finger foods.

You can also try creating a serving tray, which demands more elbow grease. It would be ideal for putting in handholds that require you to bore through the piece or file out sections. Like a cheeseboard, serving trays also have dedicated divisions to minimize food from mixing in with each other.

Select Top-Quality Lumber for Your Wood DIY Projects

Engaging in a wood DIY project can be a great way to pass the time or improve your woodworking skills. Contrary to most assumptions, you need not be a professional to start. Even with basic tools and skills, you can try out the projects above. But, of course, if you push through with any of them, you will need to find a lumber company in Tampa.

Choosing high-quality wood and the right type is critical to ensure a good output, so you should only source your materials from reliable suppliers. Peninsular Lumber is a leading lumber company offering a range of products for you to choose from. Contact us at 813-875-8805 and let us know what type of wood you need for your project!