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Front Door Hardware: Installing a New Front Door

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Learn all about the different types of front door hardware needed for installing a door.

Knowing all of the front door hardware required for a door is key to saving time and making the installation process smooth. A brand new front door is a great way to dramatically change the look of your home, and it can even improve its value. Gathering all of the supplies will make everything easier, and you can be proud of having a new door that gives your house a fresh appearance.

Here is a guide to help you understand all of the front door hardware needed for your next home improvement project.

Find the Right Building Materials

One of the first steps is to purchase all of the hardware and building materials. A reputable lumber company can offer helpful advice and top-quality products, such as door hardware and pressure treated lumber. These experienced professionals can help you choose the best materials.

Choosing the Right Door

Exterior doors differ greatly from interior doors in terms of material and design. Front doors often require solid construction with added features such as an insulating core or decorative elements. Custom home-building experts can also provide you with invaluable insights into what type of doors you’ll need for your home.

Door Handle or Door Knob

The type of door handle or knob you choose can significantly affect the look and feel of your front door. Options range from classic to modern designs and include various mechanisms like a mortise lock or even a high-tech keyless entry system. The choice you make here will influence both the security and the visual appeal of your entry door.

Door Hinges

Hinges play an important role in determining the door swing. Generally, three or four hinges are used. Heavy doors often require hinges made of stronger materials. Visiting a local lumber yard is always a great option if you have any questions about the best type of hinges to use for your front door.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is often overlooked, but it’s vital to securely lock the door. An added benefit of a strike plate is that it provides a smoother operation for opening and closing the door. The right strike plate can make the difference between a door that works and a door that works really well for your house.

Additional Accessories to Consider

Depending on your preferences, you might also opt for extra door hardware like a door handle set or a thumb turn for added convenience. For example, a thumb turn can make it easier to lock and unlock the door from the inside. These components also serve as unique design elements that contribute to the overall look of your door.

Do You Need a Left-Handed or Right-Handed Door?

If the door handle is on the right while you’re facing the exterior of the door, you have a right-handed door. Of course, if it’s on the left, you have a left-handed door. Typically, most people who are right-handed are more comfortable with having a right-handed door for their home.

Finishing Touches

Selecting the right finish for your front door hardware is another key decision. For example, rubbed bronze offers a timeless appeal that complements various home styles. Looking at all of your choices can help you decide on the best options for your door.

Here is a quick step-by-step process for installing front doors:

Measure the Door Frame

You will need to make note of dimensions, such as the edge of the door and the width of the door frame. These measurements will guide your hardware choices and ensure a snug fit.

Attach Hinges

Screw the hinges onto the side of the door while aligning them carefully with the door frame. It’s also important to always double-check your alignments.

Install a Door Handle or Knob

The next step is to place the door handle or door knob into the pre-drilled hole. Test the mechanism to make sure it operates smoothly before fully securing it.

Attach the Strike Plate

Screw the strike plate into the door jamb. You can check the door several times to make sure the strike plate and latch are in harmony.

Check the Swing

Open and close the door several times to make sure everything is working properly. Sometimes you may need to make a few adjustments.

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