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The Best Exterior Door Brands You’ll Find at Peninsular Lumber

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Learn more about the best exterior door brands available at Peninsular Lumber.

At Peninsular Lumber, we understand the importance of offering quality doors that enhance curb appeal and provide lasting durability. As a leading lumber company in Tampa, we’re proud to offer a wide range of building materials, pressure-treated wood, and top-quality entry doors. Here is an overview of the best exterior door brands you’ll find at Peninsular Lumber:


Intertek doors have a modern appearance and high-quality materials, providing a perfect blend of style and durability. These solid wood and wood-fiberglass doors come in a variety of finishes and wood-grained designs.

Rogue Valley Door

Rogue Valley Door offers a variety of custom door options made from high-quality wood. These exterior doors are perfect for custom home builders due to their attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Simpson Door Company

Simpson Door Company is known for its wide range of wood finish options and stylish designs. You can find the best front door for your home by checking out all of these different types of wood designs.

Lemieux Doors

Lemieux Doors are crafted from high-quality wood, offering a sophisticated and timeless appeal. These doors provide an elegant touch to any home, and they are one of the best exterior door brands.


Masonite is a well-known brand offering durable and stylish exterior doors. These doors cater to various tastes and budgets to ensure every homeowner can find the perfect door to suit their needs.

Woodgrain Doors

Woodgrain Doors is a top brand offering a vast range of pre-hung doors that feature beautiful wood finishes and intricate designs. A commitment to quality makes them a popular choice for exterior doors.

Therma Tru Doors

Therma Tru Doors specializes in energy-efficient fiberglass doors that boast stunning modern designs and exceptional durability. These doors are great if you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency while maintaining a modern appearance.


Plastpro is one of the best exterior door brands that offers durability and style without breaking your budget. You’re sure to find a Plastpro door that fits your home’s style with a variety of designs and finishes.


Endura is renowned for its high-quality, energy-efficient exterior doors. These doors can withstand the elements and provide excellent insulation, making them a great option for many homes.

Glass Craft Door Company

The Glass Craft Door Company offers an extensive range of elegant and unique exterior doors, featuring stunning glasswork and intricate designs. These doors are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their front door.


EWD’s selection of exterior doors includes a variety of styles. Staying committed to quality and customer satisfaction makes EWD a popular choice among homeowners and custom home builders.

Neuma Doors

Neuma Doors offers a fantastic range of fiberglass doors designed to resist harsh weather conditions and provide excellent insulation. The stylish designs and impressive durability make Neuma Doors a popular choice.


Trustile is a well-respected brand that offers high-quality exterior doors crafted from a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, and glass. Their doors are designed with style and function in mind.

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