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Why You Should Choose Pen Lumber for Siding and Trim Needs

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Why You Should Choose Peninsular Lumber for Your Lumber Needs

Installing exterior siding wood and trim may seem like a small home improvement project, but it can vastly change the appearance of your home. Peninsular Lumber has been assisting local homeowners with their siding and trim needs for decades. To give you an idea of what we bring to the table, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose to do business with us on your next project.

We Have 75 Years in the Industry!

When you’re dealing with any type of lumber needs, it’s always best if you work with a company that has plenty of experience. This year, Peninsular Lumber celebrates its 75th anniversary. Our experience allows us to understand the needs of custom home builders and help them make proper decisions.

Extensive Range of Lumber

Whether you’re taking on a very large project such as custom building an entire house or something a lot more basic like installing a border fence, you need a company that serves as a one-stop shop for lumber needs. Our lumber yard has all types of hardwoods and softwoods, including some exotic species. This will give you tons of building and design options for siding, trim, and all other wood construction projects.

Consistent Lumber Quality

Peninsular Lumber prides itself on its service capabilities, but if we also didn’t deliver high-quality lumber we couldn’t stay in business. At the end of the day, we won’t only be judged on our lumber’s quality by the homeowner, but by many people who visit their home after the fact. This means you can always count on us to deliver high-quality lumber at competitive prices.

Invested in the Community

The Tampa Bay community is absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t be more proud to know that our lumber is a part of so many family homes. We started as a very small company back when the area was just beginning to grow, and the idea that we’ve grown along with it is something that we’ll always cherish. We give back to the community by displaying high ethical standards of business, transparency in our pricing, and honesty with every transaction.

Various Types of Siding Wood

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that there are a handful of siding wood and trim wood available. Both natural wood and engineered wood siding give you different colors, sizes, and styles to choose from.

Peninsular Lumber always keeps these types of siding and trim in stock:

  • Wood Siding: pine, cedar, and Cypress
  • Cement-Based Siding
  • Finish and Trim: spruce, pine, cedar white pine, and more
  • Azek Trim
  • PVC Trim

Tips to Choose Siding and Trim Colors

Choosing the right siding wood and trim can make all the difference in the world and how your home presents itself. With this particular project, you should consider these tips to make sure the end result is nothing less than spectacular:

  • Personal Preference — The first way most people choose their siding and trim colors depends on personal preference. They can go with medium brown shades or beige for a warm cozy exterior or white, light tan, or pale yellow for something a bit brighter.
  • Know Your Neighborhood — Many homeowners like to match the look and feel of their neighborhood. Take a drive around and you may find yourself inspired by the surrounding homes.
  • Practicality — If your house faces south, your best choice is a light-colored siding because of the sun exposure. Our staff can help you pick out siding that’s low-maintenance and a color that won’t fade as quickly.
  • Architectural Elements — Think of the different architectural elements that will be in the vicinity of the siding and trim such as stonework, roofing, pathways, etc. Take all these into consideration before choosing your siding and trim colors.
  • Homeowners Association — Many neighborhoods have a Homeowners Association that dictates certain rules about design, landscaping, etc. Check with your HOA to see what they’ll allow for your siding and trim options.
  • Online Design Tours — The last thing you want to do is install siding and trim, and then realize that they don’t look like you thought they would. The good news is that there are online exterior design tools that will help you visualize what the end product will look like before you begin.

Contact Peninsular Lumber Company for Siding Wood Needs

Peninsular Lumber Company in Tampa has established itself as the premier lumber yard and supplier in the Bay Area for 50 years! If you require any assistance with siding wood and trim or any other custom home building needs, reach out to us at (813) 875-8805 today and visit our lumber store in Tampa Bay!