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Can You Leave Lumber Out in the Sun?

Can you leave lumber outdoors in the sun?

Peninsular Lumber is your ideal one-stop shop when it comes to matters involving lumber and wood. Located in Tampa, Florida, our lumber company offers a wide range of wood materials as well as other building materials. On the other hand, lumber is wood that has been processed into uniform and useful sizes. Its main products include beams, planks, and boards.

Lumber can be categorized into two types: treated and untreated lumber. Lumber is known for having a poor capability to withstand damage from the scorching sun; however, lumber can be stored outside once it has been improved in lumber yards through several processes that we are going to mention that give it amazing qualities, thus raising the big question, can you store lumber outside?”.

Peninsular Lumber is a perfect example of a lumber yard that specializes in making specially treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber is the result of adding chemical preservatives to wood by using high pressure.

What is Pressure Treated Lumber?

The wood is immersed in liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber. Can you store lumber outside? Yes, preservative chemicals are forced deep into the structure of the wood during this process.

There are two types of pressure-treated wood: preservative-treated wood and pressure-treated lumber. This process makes wood more durable and less susceptible to decay, preventing rotting.

Pressure treated lumber can be stored outside the sun since it can withstand the sun’s scorching for longer compared to untreated lumber; this type of treated wood is best used in custom home building and home improvements. It resists rotting, insect invasion, and damage from the outdoor sun. Well treated lumber is highly used by custom home builders for walls and floors after being pressure treated.

Vapor Barriers Protect Lumber from the Sun’s Rays

Vapor barriers are a method used to answer the question, “Can you store lumber outside?” in the storage of lumber outdoors, shielding it from rain and sun damage. Lumber can be stored outside the sun with the use of a vapor barrier, which is a non-porous polythene material that keeps lumber’s moisture content low.

When using a vapor barrier, it’s important to allow ventilation around the material, preventing condensation on the underside. The barrier’s installation has to be carefully done, sealing all air gaps to prevent moisture content from entering between spaces. Vapor barriers improve the air circulation of stored lumber. The polythene barrier is placed as a cover on the ground under your lumber storage area with a bit of gravel to hold it down.

This type of storage method helps protect the wood by preventing water damage and keeping it dry if stored outside in the sun.

Tips to Properly Store Lumber Outdoors

Storing lumber in small quantities in lumber yards, there is no better solution than the use of storage racks. A lumber storage rack helps organize the boards by keeping them elevated above the ground. This system of storage provides generous space for a large capacity of lumber storage. It provides safe and easy access to treated wood in a lumber yard.

Utilizing storage racks helps keep lumber off the ground; this way, you can be able to control the temperature and moisture content of lumber, aiding in good air circulation. Good air circulation is a highly considered factor when storing wood in a lumber rack; it helps keep your boards from rotting and keeps them as dry as possible.

Additionally, lumber can be stored outside the sun by using a weather-protective coating, which is another great choice for storing lumber outside the sun. Wood is completely cleaned before applying a protective coating. Various techniques are used in applying a weather-resistant coating to lumber, depending on the product used.

There are four main types of popular coatings: lacquer, varnish, epoxy, and polyurethane. The coating used is in the form of paint or oil, and it adds a lovely accent to outdoor wood while also helping lumber withstand the sun. The most effective way to protect wood from weathering and rotting is to use a coating before it’s exposed to harsh conditions.

Kiln Dried Lumber

Kiln-dried lumber is, however, not suitable for outside storage even though it has been treated. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and requires extra caution during its storage. Kiln-drying lumber is an easy, cost-effective way to increase profits by selling dried lumber at lumber yards.

Modern dry kilns allow tight control of air circulation, temperature, and humidity. This helps the wood dry uniformly and to the precise required moisture content. Kiln-dried lumber should be protected from rain to prevent it from being water damaged and to raise its moisture content.

Generally, lumber building materials consist of various supplies made from seasoned wood that are provided to home builders and other professional contractors. The right lumber materials are essential to meet the needs of custom home builders and contractors as a natural building material.

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Pressure-treated lumber can be stored outside the sun as compared to untreated lumber, making it suitable for its usage. Therefore, the answer to can you store lumber outside? is a big yes; you can store lumber outside in the sun. It however requires all of the above factors to maintain its longevity.

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