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10 Reasons to Use Treated Lumber for Your Building Projects

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What are the benefits of using treated lumber for your building projects?

Treated lumber is lumber treated with chemicals to protect the wood from common threats, such as rot, termites, and weather-related damage. Treated lumber is a popular building material for outdoor projects like a dock, wood deck and deck railings. It also used for a smaller construction project like a picnic table or raised garden beds.

Here are 10 reasons why pressure treated lumber is a lumber yard bestseller and why you should consider it for your next project.

  1. Pressure Treated Wood is Resistant to Moisture

Outdoor structures are exposed to the elements, especially moisture. It means that all their wooden parts are vulnerable to rot. Wood treatment helps stave off the dampness and makes it rot resistant.

In most lumber yards, the typical pressure treatment process involves placing the wood in a vacuum and treating it with preservatives. This allows the lumber to become resistant to rot and insects.

  1. CCA Treated Wood is Resistant to Fungus

Fungus can weaken lumber, allowing bacteria and insects to feed on the wood surfaces. The good thing is that treated lumber is protected by copper-based compounds like copper azole and alkaline copper quaternary ACQ, making it resistant to fungal growth. This feature is very important for outdoor structures and the ground contact in basements.

  1. The Wood Preservatives Can Repel Insects

One of the biggest enemies of wooden structures is wood boring insects, like termites. Insect damage can undermine the structural integrity of decks and other outdoor features, making them unsafe for their occupants.

That is why it is important to use treated lumber in outdoor building projects. Pressure treatment can prevent fungus from weakening the wood material and even drive insects away.

  1. Treated PT Lumber is Resistant to Fire

If you live in a place with long and hot summers, fire damage is a constant threat that you have to manage. The best way to do this is to use treated lumber from reputable lumber companies. Treated lumber is resistant to fire and will help protect your home.

  1. It is completely safe

Treated lumber is safe to use in many ways. Its preservatives are not harmful to humans or the environment. It is durable and compliant even to the strictest building code.

  1. It Comes in Many Sizes

Pressure treated lumber is available in standard sizes like 2×4, 2×10, and 2×6. You can also get them in less common sizes, such as 4×4 and 6×6. It provides a higher level of flexibility that will make it easier for you to build decks, piers, and other structures exactly the way you like them.

  1. It is Easy to Use

Aside from its availability in many different sizes, treated lumber is easy to work with. It is very durable, but you can drill holes through it or drive nails into it with ease. It is also very light, especially compared to other building materials like steel.

  1. It is Cost-Effective

While treated lumber is more expensive than natural wood, it comes with a long list of benefits make it more valuable than what its price tag says. It is resistant to moisture, fire, insects, and other potential sources of damage, allowing you to get the most return on your investment.

  1. It is Suitable for Many Applications

While there are some instances where using pressure-treated lumber would not make sense, there are still many projects where it is the most suitable material to use. This is especially true for outdoor features of all sizes, from decks to porches to landscaping features.

  1. Excess Wood Products Can Be Used for Smaller Projects

Another advantage of using pressure treated wood is that no material has to go to waste. Once your porch or deck is done, you can use the smaller pieces left over to make outdoor furniture or add finishing touches to your outdoor space.

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