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Free Workbench Plans for Your Next DIY Lumber Project

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Build a Simple and Basic Workbench

A good workstation is essential in any home workshop. Whether you are a beginner or a woodworking expert, you need a stable work surface to complete your projects. However, workbenches can be pricey on the market, especially if you want a custom design. So, instead of buying one, why not use your skills and make one for yourself? With plenty of free workbench plans to choose from online, you can certainly whip up your workbench and customize it to match your needs. However, if you are not sure where to look, here are some free workbench plans you can use for your next DIY lumber project.

This basic workbench plan is the perfect starting point for beginner DIY crafters. While simple workbenches are easy to build, they are not as helpful and functional as more complex benches. The design in this plan provides a highly durable and stylish work area that you can easily create by following simple instructions.

All you need to build this sturdy workbench is lumber, a drill, a circular saw, and screws. If you do not have a saw, you can get your wood cut at the lumber store when you purchase it to save time and effort. Additionally, you have the option to build several pieces to create a modular system of benches that you can wheel around your workspace and adjust based on your needs.

Generally, the construction process includes building the top and shelf frames, putting the legs together, adding the shelf and top, and finishing the project with the backboard.

Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench

Having a full-sized workstation is every woodworker’s dream. However, this is not always feasible, mainly if your workshop has limited space. Therefore, you can look for space-saving options to maximize your space in such cases. One such example would be this DIY workbench plan, containing step-by-step instructions on building a foldable workstation.

Building a foldable workbench is possible, even if you have no prior construction experience. You only need simple tools like a handy drill and saw. You can then find quality lumber locally, while the pegboard and plywood surface should be easy to find in the correct size.

This DIY workbench folds neatly against the wall to save space when not in use. You effectively have a large and sturdy platform to work with but can easily fold it afterward to maximize your space.

Workbench for Kids

If your children are also interested in crafts or woodworking, you can check out this free plan to build a DIY kids’ workbench with a working top, pegboard, and bottom shelf. Though it is designed for children’s use, you can easily make the counter bigger to make it suitable for adult use in a limited space.

The free workbench plan contains all the information you need for this fun project, including a tool list, diagrams, colored pictures, materials, and step-by-step instructions. This project will undoubtedly be a great way to hone your skills or even spend more quality time with the kids as you build different things together.

Mobile Workbench with Drawers

If you want a workbench that can also hold your tools, consider making this garage workbench with a solid wood top and wheels. Its mobile design allows you to move the workbench around your garage or shop quickly.

Additionally, it can carry tons of equipment, has buttery-smooth and sturdy drawer slides, and is finished in a stylish coated finish. Overall, the wood top work surface looks beautiful and is designed to be at a comfortable height for most people to use. Of course, you can constantly adjust this based on your preference, but the free plan can guide you through the general process.

Flip-top Workbench

A flip-top workbench is another space-saving solution for small workshops. You can install tools like a small table saw on one side to maximize floor space, then flip the top to reveal a platform for bench tools.

While the flip-top component may seem intimidating at first, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Just take your time and double-check your measurements to ensure you prepare each part correctly. In addition, the plan has a complete material list and detailed instructions, so you can check these every step of the way to guide you.

Generally, this flip-top design works great for a hybrid workshop since you can mount a portable table saw, a miter saw, or a nice benchtop plane. The other side can then be left blank, or you can consider adding another power tool if needed.

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