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10 Uses for Pressure Treated Lumber

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Why you should use pressure treated lumber.

When handling construction or woodworking projects, choosing the right type of lumber is essential to create a strong and durable result. Given the wide range of options to choose from, it can be tricky to determine when to use each wood variant. Nowadays, pressure treated lumber offers a practical solution to homeowners and builders due to its resistance to rot and insects.

Building codes requires you to use pressure treated wood in specific applications, such as those where the wood will be exposed to excessive moisture. Beyond this, the lumber is so versatile that you can easily use it for your projects. Get to know how versatile it is by reading through these 10 uses.

What is Pressure Treated Lumber?

As its name suggests, undergoes a process that uses high pressure to inject wood with chemical preservatives. These allow the wood to be more resistant against insect infestation, fungal decay, water damage, and mold. You can easily find pressure treat wood at lumber companies like Peninsular Lumber.

Many types of chemical preservatives can be used for treated lumber, the most important thing you should know is whether your wood is designed for ground contact or above-ground use. The main difference between the two are:

  • Above Ground Lumber

Above ground lumber should be used when building anything that is at least six inches above the ground. Common applications include joists, beams, deck railings, and others.

  • Ground Contact Lumber

Ground contact lumber has a higher concentration of chemicals to provide extra protection from elements that can cause rot and decay. It is used for applications where the wood will be placed less than six inches from the ground since it has a higher chance of getting wet.

Applications for Pressure Treated Lumber


Pressure treated lumber is often used for building a wood deck since most of its parts are exposed to various weather elements. Whether it be for the joists, posts, railings, floorboards, or any other visible part, you can use this type of wood to ensure your deck stays strong and resilient despite harsh conditions.


Like decks, porches are also often exposed to the harsh elements outdoors, so pressure treated lumber should be used when constructing the structural components. As for the exterior surfaces in your porch, you can use painted or stained wood for aesthetic purposes.

Basement Masonry Walls

The building code requires pressure treated wood on exterior masonry walls in the basement since these can easily attract moisture. It is particularly important since basement walls are often hidden with covering materials, making them more prone to rot and mold. The wood preservatives in treated lumber can prevent this from happening. 

House Siding

When building house siding that is less than six inches from the ground, you are also required to use pressure treated wood. Like the issue with exterior basement walls, moisture can affect siding, so the wood used for construction should be pressure treated.

Wheelchair Ramps

Another practical use for pressure treated lumber would be for wheelchair ramps and railings in residential and commercial properties. The chemical preservatives help keep the ramps durable despite the high traffic and outdoor wear and tear. Pressure treated lumber is also more affordable and easier to install than concrete, making it a good choice for most buildings.


Pressure treated lumber is often used for building posts in outdoor structures since these posts have direct contact with the soil, making them susceptible to insect damage and rot. Whether it be for your fence posts, gates, corrals, mailboxes, or signs, make sure the posts are pressure treated to maintain the stability of your structures.

Swing Sets

If you have children lurking around in your home, you might want to build a playground or swing set to keep them entertained. Like the other examples in this list, swing sets will be subject to the harsh weather conditions outdoors, so treated lumber can ensure that yours will be safe and long-lasting.


You might not immediately associate wood with landscaping, but it can be used for various applications. Flower beds, planters, retaining walls, decorative edges, and water retention areas — these are just some of the ways you can incorporate wood into your yard. Whatever you need, make sure to pressure treat wood before using it for landscaping projects.


Boat docks and marine structures are generally made with specially treated wood since they are constantly in contact with water and need to be moisture resistant. The wood preservatives will help ensure that your joists, floorboards, beams, posts, railings, and other parts will stay strong and intact even if they are often immersed in water.

Picnic Tables

Want to maximize your outdoor space by adding picnic tables to enjoy the breeze? If so, make sure you use pressure treated lumber to increase resistance against weathering, water, and other elements. Likewise, your picnic tables should be sealed regularly to ensure that you have a clean surface for serving food to prevent contamination and health risks. 

Get High Quality Pressure Treated Lumber Today

As you may have noticed from the uses above, pressure treated lumber helps keep your outdoor structures beautiful for years. Untreated wood and external elements do not go well together, so treated wood is the perfect solution for outdoor building projects.

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