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DIY Projects that Require Lumber

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Does your upcoming DIY project require lumber? We’ve got you covered…

As one of the most versatile materials, lumber can be used for countless applications like home décor, furniture, and many other options. You can easily paint, cut, and stain it, or even use it without modifications. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in handling wood, you can try out different crafts and projects.

To give you creative inspiration, here are some DIY projects for new and experienced woodworkers. These can help you improve your craft and add something new to your home.

Wood Plaque

Wood plaques are a great way to decorate your walls and are one of the easiest DIY projects using lumber. There is no fixed way to make these as it ultimately depends on your design preferences and skills. You can purchase a pre-cut wooden board or cut it to your desired shape and size. Staining is then recommended to preserve your plaque’s appearance.

Wooden Bench

If you know how to work with power tools, another fun project is to build a wooden bench for your front porch. You mainly need wooden boards, lag screws, and your exterior finish, as well as some tools like drills, circular saw, and hand tools like rulers. Start by marking the length of each part, then cut and assemble the legs, seat, and backrest if you plan to add one.

Wall Clock

Spice things up in your living room or bedroom by adding an easy DIY wall clock. If you have scrap wood from a round table or other old furniture, you can also repurpose this to make wall clocks! Generally, the step-by-step procedure for this fun project is as follows:

1.     Cut four boards longer than your desired clock diameter

2.     Glue, clamp, or screw boards together and cut the circle with a jig saw

3.     Sand the wood to smooth out the circle

4.     Paint or stain your wood, as you see fit

Wooden Planter

Increase your home’s curb appeal by building a wooden planter to showcase your outdoor plants, even with little space. For this, it would be best to use pressure-treated lumber to prevent insect damage and rot. Measure out the space where you plan to put the planter to get the appropriate board sizes.

Wood Side Table

For those with more advanced woodworking skills, side tables are functional DIY projects you can easily add to your living room. Again, there are many ways to build one based on the design you want, but here is a simple step by step guide:

1.     Assemble the tabletop with wood glue or pocket hole screws

2.     Create two sets of Xs for the table base

3.     Attach the Xs into the table legs

4.     Attach the base and top

Use High-Quality Lumber for Your DIY Projects

Before you get started with any of the DIY projects above, you will need to source your wood from a trusted lumber company in Tampa. Peninsular Lumber has the largest selection of lumber you will find in the Tampa Bay area. We are sure to have whatever materials you need. Call us at 813-875-8805 to chat with our friendly customer service team.