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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space When Building a Deck

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Learn how to utilize your outdoor space for your new deck.

It may seem like your options are limited when you are building a deck if you have a small outdoor space. However, with some creativity, you can still have an outdoor space where friends and family can comfortably gather. The key is to make the most out of every square inch.

If you do not know how to start, here are some helpful tips.

Pare Down

First, take a good look outside and see if there are things you can remove. Paring down will help you free up valuable space for when you start building a deck. Assign a separate place for your gardening and yard care tools. If possible, keep them out of sight.

Pick a Theme

Before you start building a deck, take some time to decide what style you want for it. It will help you pick a theme, and once you have, stick with it as much as possible. Doing so will allow you to build a cohesive space, whether you want an outdoor dining area to entertain friends and family or an outdoor living room where you can relax.

Choose the Right Paint

Believe it or not, your choice of paint can make a big impact when you are building a deck. If you add color the right way, it can give you the illusion that the deck is more expansive than it actually is. It can make the area appear bigger by making it look like a natural extension of your house instead of a separate structure.

Secret Storage…

One way to get the most out of your wood deck is by optimizing it for occupancy. For example, you can add some outdoor furniture and turn it into a dining space or some throw pillows or outdoor rugs for lounging. You can even add some entertaining necessities for when you have guests over.

However, it is important to consider integrating some hidden storage spaces as you start building a deck. Doing this will help keep the deck clutter-free when you are not using it.

Enhanced Privacy

If you like having outdoor rooms that offer unlimited access to the open space while giving you a little bit of privacy, install some wood-slat screens on your deck. It will help protect you and your family from prying eyes without restricting your movement too much. You can also use it to enhance the aesthetics of your deck by being creative with your privacy screens.

Multiple Uses

If you could not decide between a deck or patio, why not get both? You can install a pergola in one section, hang some strings of café lights on your deck rail, and add some outdoor furniture.

A few potted plants in the right places will make you feel like you are in a courtyard. Also, take note that an outdoor rug adds color and helps define the perimeter of the space. Doing all these can give your deck the characteristics of both a patio and a deck.

Soften the Corners

Wooden decks are usually rectangular and have sharp corners. Consider softening the angles by chamfering these corners. Doing so will give your wooden deck expressive edges, creating an illusion of ample outdoor living space. To maximize the effect of softening the angles, add some minimalist furniture décor.

Install Roller Shades

To maximize your wooden deck, you need to spend as much time on it as possible. This would be hard to do if you live in a place with long and hot summers like Tampa Bay.

One simple way to enjoy your deck more and protect yourself from the sun at the same time is by installing roller shades. You can use it to block the heat then roll it up once you are done.

Adjust to Narrow Spaces

If you have a narrow space for your deck, make sure you use every nook and cranny. Any reputable lumber yard can supply you with the right size of wood and other supplies and give you everything that you would need when you are building a deck. Also, make sure that you use compact furniture and minimalist accents to give the space a more streamlined look.

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