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9 Tips for Buying Lumber from Lumber Suppliers

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Tips for Buying Lumber from a Supplier

With so many different types of lumber available and tons of incredible project ideas, homeowners can transform their landscape into a thing of beauty. From gardens and planters to pergolas and pool decks, the possibilities are practically endless. The type of material you use will make all the difference in the world… but with so many choices out there, where do you begin? That’s a good question, and it’s one that we know quite well. Check out these simple tips compiled by our incredible team that will help make your project a success when purchasing lumber from lumber suppliers.

Lock Down Your Budget Early On

Wood is typically a cost-efficient material, which makes it a very attractive component for a variety of home improvement projects. You should lock down your budget early on or at least have a rough estimate of what you’re willing to spend. If you can’t find a precise price for the wood call, a local supplier for assistance.

Find a Reputable Lumber Supplier

Lumber suppliers may not be like Starbucks where there’s one in every corner, but you’ll probably have at least a few in the area. Before heading down to the lumber yard, do a little research to make sure that they have a good reputation. You can start by looking for reviews using online services such as Yelp.

Do Your Own Research on Price

Softwoods and hardwoods can sometimes vary in price, especially when comparing basic lumber and high-end varieties. If you want to get the best deal, it’s a good idea to understand market price trends and use those to shop around. Also, keep in mind that lumber prices fluctuate so if you call a lumber yard to get a quote, ask them how long they’ll honor that price.

Ask the Supplier for Their Advice

Although you’re free to make all the decisions, it never hurts to get in touch with the lumber supplier for a bit of advice. After all, your local lumber supplier will have seen a lot of different projects come their way, which means they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Simply explain to them what your project is all about, how much you have to spend, and what types of wood you’re interested in.

Ask About Their Delivery Terms

Many homeowners either own their own truck or have access to one, which often makes it more convenient for the wood to be picked up. For larger projects or if you don’t have the right type of vehicle, you’ll want to ask about delivery terms. This basically boils down to the price of delivery, the area that’s covered, and the available delivery dates.

Go Check Out the Lumber Yard

You can do a lot of research online, but nothing beats seeing different types of wood in person. Head down to the lumber yard and take a look around. While you’re there, feel free to ask any questions and maybe get some advice from the workers. It’s actually a good idea to do this as far in advance as possible so you can get a good idea of what’s available.

How to Find a Reputable Lumber Supplier

Lumber suppliers in your area aren’t all the same, so you should definitely shop around a bit. During your search to find a reputable supplier, pay attention to these three basic guidelines:

Check Out the Company’s History

The first thing you should do is head to the lumber company’s website and take a look at their history, which can typically be found in the About section. This should tell you how many years they’ve been in business and perhaps the story of how their company started. They might even share their philosophy of being in the industry and what they’ve brought to the local community.

Go Have a Chat About the Project

As we’ve mentioned above, you should always feel free to go directly to the lumber yard and have a conversation with one of the workers about your project. Let them know all the details such as what you’re wanting to build, the type of wood that you’re thinking of, and maybe even how much you’re willing to spend. They can answer any questions you have and help you head in the right direction, if needed.

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