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What Kind of Lumber Do You Need to Build a Door Frame?

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Deciding on the type of lumber to use in constructing a door frame is a complicated choice. When the wood is perfect, everything else falls into place.

So, what are the factors to consider when selecting lumber for the door frame?

Purchasing lumber for a door frame is a choice that requires a little research. There are several pieces of information you’ll need before making a decision.

Consider the frame’s location, the sort of structure, and the budget before settling on a wood species. By remembering these things, you can build a door frame that stands the test of time.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best type of lumber to choose when building a door frame.

Exterior door frames

The structure and the visual appeal of an exterior door frame are the two most important factors to consider when designing and constructing one. You need a frame that will resist break-ins, withstand tough weather, and last for years, and one that complements both your exterior entrance and the building itself.

Based on these considerations, hardwood is typically the best choice for an exterior structure. The power and resistance to the elements make them unrivaled and timeless in their beauty. Look at these three exterior lumber for door frame options:


Mahogany, a tropical hardwood, is prized for its aesthetic value and durability due to its unique reddish-brown color.  Door frames made of Mahogany are durable and beautiful. It’s incredibly sturdy, and the wood is inherently decay-resistant. Hence it is among the best building materials for outdoor structures that must withstand harsh conditions.


Teak is an additional tropical softwood species. This wood is initially a grey-brown color but ages to a striking dark brown. Since it is oiled naturally, it can withstand the elements and insects. Its inherent tensile strength and weather resistance make it a great material for an exterior door frame.

White Oak

White oak is a common lumber that is indigenous to many regions of North America. The structure of this material makes it highly durable and impervious to water and decay. The low cost is white oak’s biggest selling feature. It’s typically much less expensive than wood or teak. Consequently, white oak is a good option if you want an affordable hardwood structure.

Internal door frames

Interior doors don’t have to withstand weather or intrusions; therefore, strength isn’t an issue. Cost and aesthetics are the main factors for internal lumber for door frames.

As a result, for custom home building, most softwoods are used to create internal door frames. Here are three softwood choices for your interior frameworks.


Pine is an evergreen softwood that can be bought from a lumber company and is found in most parts of the northern hemisphere. It is the most frequently used by custom home builders for internal door frames since it’s cheap and looks fine untreated, stained, or painted. Pine, however, is very soft and readily dented by knocks.


Poplar is from tulip trees and not the poplar tree. It is inexpensive and easy to work with, making it similar to softwoods despite being hardwood. It’s mostly used indoors because it’s not weatherproofed like other timbers. However, it’s more durable than pine and might be the best option for frames that get a lot of use.


Despite being less common, maple is sometimes preferred over pine. Consider using this timber for a sturdy and stylish frame while making home improvements. In addition to its use in building, maple is also widely used in creating musical instruments, baseball bats, and paper in North America and some areas of Asia. Maple is a great option for a clear finish due to its unique appearance.

Treated Wood

Treated wood comprises Redwood and Pressure-Treated wood:


Redwood, sourced from California’s redwood forests, is valued for its striking red color and aesthetic appeal. High-quality oak resists insects and rot. Because of its high price, redwood is typically reserved for the most noticeable aspects of a building.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated lumber is usually golden pine covered with chromated copper arsenate. The treatment makes the timber resistant to decay caused by insects, bacteria, and fungi. In a local lumber yard, you will find that this timber is often 30–40% cheaper than oak.

Building Door Frames with Lumber

Now that you know what to look for in lumber for door frame material, you can purchase from a lumber company in Tampa to attain wood that will last in interior and outdoor settings. A frame made from any of these materials, with proper care, construction, and finishing, will serve for generations.

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