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10 DIY Summer Crafts You Can Finish This Season

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Check out these fun summer crafts!

As you welcome the summer and longer days, you might be thinking of how to make the most of your time. You can enjoy plenty of summer activities with the sun out, whether on your own or with family and friends. While camping trips and beach visits undoubtedly make for a fun time, why not add some DIY summer crafts to your to-do list for an extra awesome summer?

If you have children at home for their summer break or want to hang out with friends, you can try out some quick and easy crafts or even work on a big project together. Crafting is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones or keep yourselves busy if you find it too hot to go outside. Whatever the case may be, there are tons of craft projects suitable for all ages.

So, if you’re interested in putting your DIY skills to the test, here is a list of 10 DIY summer crafts you can finish this season.

Wooden Crate

Wooden crates are one of the most popular DIY summer crafts you can make. Even if you do not necessarily need them at the moment, you will undoubtedly find ways to use them at one point.

Here are the steps to build your crate:

●    Prepare the wood pallets by cutting them to the desired length and width

●    Create the frame by cutting a hole on two sides. Then, nail your pallets together until you form a rectangular shape.

●    Cut the blocks to hold the pallets together and nail them onto your board.

●    Add the bottom slats, and finish off by sanding the crate.

Kids’ Chair

Here’s a fun project you can try out for your kids to enjoy in the summer. To start, you can check out this lumber plan to prepare your wood. Once you make all the necessary cuts, you can build the table and chair with the following steps:

●    Attach the front apron to the front legs with screws and wood glue, then attach the side aprons to the front legs.

●    Mark the back legs, attach the back frame, and attach the side aprons to the back legs.

●    Place the seat on the chair by screwing it in from the bottom.

Summer Chalkboard Sign

A summer chalkboard sign will be the perfect project if you want quick and easy DIY summer crafts. It requires little time and budget and can be done even with beginner woodworking skills. Generally, all you need to do is to get plywood in your desired size, then you can create the chalkboard with the following steps:

●    Sand and prime your wood to ensure the paint will stick better.

●    Apply two coats of chalkboard paint on your wood.

●    If desired, drill holes to nail or hang the chalkboard around the house.

Wooden Yo-yo

Put a spin on the classic childhood toy with this cool idea. This project may be more challenging than the others on this list since it requires woodworking skills. However, if you know how to work with wood and power tools, you can give it a shot and make your wooden yo-yo:

●    Cut two wooden disks with a drill press and sand them to smooth out the edges.

●    Put the bolt through the washer in the hole of the first disk, then place the spacer over the bolt on the inside.

●    Attach the string to your spacer.

●    Add the other disk by putting the second washer over the bolt and screwing the nut.


Summer is the perfect time to fly some kites, so why not make them at home to save money?

Here’s how you can make one:

●    Cut wooden dowels and make notches with a handsaw.

●    Lay down the dowels to form a “T” shape, then use string and masking tape to wrap the sticks together.

●    Wrap string around the kite, making sure they fit into the notches.

●    Place a large sheet of paper on the frame and tape down the edges securely.

●    Punch holes at the top and bottom part of your kite, then tie your string in each hole.

Tiered Stand

This multipurpose wooden tiered stand is perfect for storing snacks and condiments for your summer picnic. Start by drilling one-inch holes in the middle of two round wooden boards—one larger than the other. Then, you can paint or stain them based on your preferences and finish by inserting a handle through the center holes.

Wood Coasters

If you have spare wood around your house, you can use them to make some wood coasters! There are many ways to make and design your coasters, depending on what wood you have. Generally, all you need is a ½-inch thick piece of wood in your desired shape, and you can sand and stain it as you see fit.

Picnic Table

A picnic table can be a great addition to your yard, garden, or patio. There are tons of picnic table designs you can explore, ranging from the classic round or rectangular ones to more unique styles like folding or hexagon. To get started, you can browse through this list of free picnic table plans to find the best design that matches your preferences and skill level.

Simple Birdhouse

It may sound daunting to make a birdhouse, but you might be surprised to see how easy it is to DIY!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a fantastic birdhouse!

●    Cut your wooden board pieces as outlined in this layout diagram.

●    Attach the front piece to the sides with deck screws, then drill the entrance hole.

●    Attach the back piece to the sides with finishing nails.

●    Cut ½ inch per corner for proper drainage.

●    Attach the roof to the sides.

Wooden Bench

Another classic DIY summer project you can try out is the wooden bench. It is a great option for woodworking beginners as it requires minimal materials and tools and helps you practice your skills.

Here are the steps needed to build your bench:

●    Cut out one bench seat, four bench legs, and four skirt pieces.

●    Drill pocket holes into the wood pieces.

●    Attach the bench legs to the skirt pieces.

●    Attach the top seat to the frame.

●    Sand and stain or paint your wooden bench as desired.

Stock Up on Lumber for Your DIY Summer Crafts

Make your summer extra special this year by trying out the DIY summer crafts in the list above. Before you get started, make sure to stock up on lumber to ensure you have all the materials for your projects. Whatever you need, Peninsular Lumber has you covered with our extensive supply of lumber in the Tampa Bay area.

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