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5 Issues with Buying Lumber from “Big Box” Stores

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Why should you refrain from buying lumber from big box stores?

A big box store is also known as a super store, usually a part of a chain of retail establishments. Think Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Costco. These retail giants also sell building materials. So, why should you choose other lumber suppliers if you are buying lumber products?

You may be given the runaround

Big box stores can easily pass on the accountability when you realize that the type of wood you bought was defective. For instance, if they source their supplies overseas, they can easily say that they have no hand in the poor quality of wood since they are merely retailers.

You will get a number or email to contact and be left on your own to follow up on a refund or replacement. Meanwhile, if you deal with local lumber yards in the Tampa Bay area, your personal experience will likely be more enjoyable due to more accountability.

Besides, your neighborhood retailer is also a one-stop-shop for lumber needs since it has a wide range of products for building a wood deck, coffee table, or a custom home.

Less Quality Lumber

Big box stores do not have a reputation to protect since their main business is retail. They are not in the business of lumber selling. Meanwhile, several government agencies and industry associations inspect and oversee lumber yards to maintain the quality of wood that they sell.

As a result, your neighborhood lumber company is more careful about its products. While you can expect some defects since no wood is perfect, you can be sure that the grade will dictate the price.

Unfortunately, big box stores do not understand the nuances of pricing according to the appearance, stress grade, and deformities present in the wood.

More Selection of Products

If you want to buy clear white oak, you will likely find it in your local lumber yard. Many big box stores are at the mercy of its supplier, and the retail giant will probably not meet your needs if you want to ask for a type of wood for your needs.

Home Depot or Wal-Mart usually buy in bulk, and the demand often dictates what they will order from their suppliers. Meanwhile, if you go to the one-stop shop for lumber, small companies will usually contact their suppliers and partners if white oak is not available in its store.

The homegrown company will also have a more extensive display of premium quality lumber than the big box stores. If you are completing a DIY project, you want the highest grade of lumber because of fewer deformities.

Personalized service

As mentioned, big box stores are not in the business of lumber trading, so losing one customer for not selling the type of wood they need does not hurt their bottom line. However, things are different at small lumber yards, which is ingrained into the community.

As a result, the small business looks at you as a person who has needs, they should meet instead of a means to increase profit. Besides, a small company tends to value each customer since each encounter is an opportunity to showcase its standards of care.

To put it simply, a lumber company has more to lose when a customer walks out of its doors unsatisfied. So, it will bend over backward to ensure that you walk away with a smile when you buy quality wood and experience personalized service.

Think of the Small Guy When Buying Lumber

Your typical neighborhood lumber company invests a lot into the community since it is usually homegrown.

You may think that the lumber yard offers high prices compared to the big box store. But this is not the case.

The prices are usually competitive, and you may find that your money will go a long way when buying lumber from the local retailer.

For instance, according to a study from the Small Business Association in the U.S., the community will get $68 for every $1,000 earned by the homegrown business and smaller retailers. They also tend to deposit their money into the neighborhood banks, thereby contributing to a healthier local economy.

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